Gaming Technologies in the Library-Minecraft

My two younger daughters are crazy about Minecraft.  Minecraft allows them to creative and use critical thinking skills.  They collaborate on projects with their peers. Minecraft is also a great social outlet.  My daughter who is on the autism-spectrum and has social anxiety becomes socially animated chatting with friends while on Minecraft.  Beyond the game itself, Minecraft has inspired them to want to learn more about coding.  They are also checking out both fiction and nonfiction books from the library about and inspired by Minecraft.


My little one playing on Minecraft

As a future librarian, I would support the use gaming technologies, such as Minecraft, at the library.  I feel that there are definetly educational benefits from this game.

Here are some interesting articles on how teachers (and librarians!) can use Minecraft for educational purposes.

TechKnowledge for Schools Blog.:

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®):

And last but not least… check out this video from PBS Idea Channel on YouTube, “Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool?


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